The sixth Nordic Biogas Conference (NBC)

22.2.2016 The sixth Nordic Biogas Conference (NBC) will be held on Viking Grace cruise ship on 7th and 8th of September and excursions on friday 9th in Finnish biogas plants. The conference is organised by biogas representatives from all five Nordic countries and will no doubt attract attendees internationally. This time, 300 delegates are expected […]

Jeppo Biogas Oy Ab biogas plant

The biogas plant, designed and delivered by Doranova Oy in co-operation with the german Weltec Biopower GmbH was commissioned in fall 2013. The biogas plant receives 90.000 tonnes of waste raw materials per annum. The raw material constitutes from agricultural sludges delivered to the plant via dedicated sewage grid, agricultural biomass and industrial and slaughterhouse […]

Biokymppi Oy biogas plant

BioKymppi’s biogas plant located in Kitee, Finland is processing different sort of biodegradable waste and energy plants. By digesting organic raw materials the plant produces biogas from which the energy containing methane is refined to electricity and heat. The digesting residual is exploited as variety of fertilizers. In 2010 Doranova delivered two times 160 kW […]

Soil vapour extraction and leachate water treatment at Suvilahti, Helsinki

Helsinki’s first industrial area Suvilahti in Sörnäinen is going through a massive change as it is molding into a new residential area after 100 years of industrial use. The new Suvilahti will have apartments, office buildings and parks. Before starting the constructions, the area’s contaminated soil needs to be cleansed from fuels and different sort […]

Soil washing project in Lielahti railway station, Tampere

Today in the old station area of Lielahti stands a cosy residential area unlike less than 10 years ago when soil of the station area was severely contaminated by an old scrap yard. Doranova remediated Lielahti’s contaminated soil from mineral oil and heavy metals in 2004 by using on-site wet sorting technique, being the first […]

Landfill productivity system for Rosk’n Roll waste management company

Rosk´n Roll Ltd is a waste management company that has a landfill in western part of the Uusima region (city of Lohja) representing modern, environmental impact minimizing and energy self-sufficiency maximizing ideology. In 2007 Rosk´n Roll ordered Doranova’s landfill productivity system that supports the company’s environmentally friendly concept. Rosk’n Roll’s landfill gas burning-torch was replaced […]

Hybrid insitu remediation at Kopli railway depot, Tallinn Estonia

Doranova finished 2013 Kopli railway depot contaminated soil remediation project. The total volume of the contaminated soil in the three contract areas was over 24 000 m3 with heavy concentrations of mineral oils and PAH-compounds. The challenge in the implementation was to design treatment method which can be applied to high traffic railway depot, without […]

Consulting and permitting

Doranova has during the years been engaged in hundreds of consulting and permitting procedures related to production of renewable energy and biogas plant investments. The references have accustomed from municipality, industry and independent power producers. In addition to domestic clients, Doranova services a number of foreign MNCs in Finland and various companies abroad. Our expertise […]

Oil separator and activated carbon filter rental service

Doranova provides fast deliveries of rental water treatment equipment. High-quality and rugged treatment systems are designed for heavy-duty operation in construction sites. Separators and filters are used for treatment of contaminated trench water on site, eliminating the need for vacuum trucks. Equipment is delivered straight from Vesilahti, which means fast delivery and start-up of the […]

Groundwater remediation at the oil refinery area in Porvoo

Doranova has conducted turn-key treatment of contaminated ground water in Kilpilahti oil refinery area. Groundwater is treated with DoAct® system, which removes chlorinated hydrocarbons from the water. As all the Doranova’s remediation systems, the unit is under remote control. This means better quality and safety and lowered operational costs.

Environmental supervision and coordination of the remediation project

Doranova performed in 2015 soil remediation project at UPM’s former power plant area. Contract consisted of the environmental supervision and coordination of the project. Site was remediated with trench water treatment and soil exchange. Doranova provided the on site –treatment units for the trench water. Doranova conducts yearly several oil spill remediation projects and environmental […]

In situ remediation of CHC contaminated groundwater

Doranova has been the first company in Finland to successfully remediated large groundwater pollution with reductive dechlorination technique. Remediation was done in factory area without harm to factorys daily operation – all the remediation equipment were installed underground and out of sight. Chlorinated solvents are unfortunately demanding and common problem related to ground water areas […]

Something new every day

TAMPERE – ALL BRIGHT! MAGAZINE: SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY Published 30 March 2015 02:48 PM By Päivi Stenroos / Tredea Oy Tampere Region based environmental technology company Doranova seeks international growth. Photo: Olli- Pekka Latvala​​ “Always keeping one step ahead of development is the only way to succeed,” says CEO Pasi Mäkelä at the environmental technology company Doranova. […]

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