Biokymppi Oy biogas plant

BioKymppi’s biogas plant located in Kitee, Finland is processing different sort of biodegradable waste and energy plants. By digesting organic raw materials the plant produces biogas from which the energy containing methane is refined to electricity and heat. The digesting residual is exploited as variety of fertilizers.

In 2010 Doranova delivered two times 160 kW CHP plant that produces electricity and heat for the plants own use and also for sale. We also designed and executed biogas pumping station that takes care of both the biogas plant’s gas pumping and the nearby landfill’s gas pumping. One of our principles is to help and take care of our customers for the whole life cycle of a plant so naturally in this case it includes maintenance and upkeep tasks concerning the equipment we have delivered. The digestion process and biogas reactor (digester) were designed and delivered by our German partner in cooperation, WELTEC BioPower GmbH.

Mikko Saalasti

Head of Renewable Energy
+358 44 353 5567

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