Contaminated sites

Not only does contaminated soil or groundwater cause environmental degradation, but it also inhibits or prevents safe and profitable use of land. By traditional methods, remediating soil and groundwater is expensive and often not technically feasible. This is the case especially if the contamination is spread wide, deep, or located under buildings or other infrastructure.

The novel safe and sustainable remediation methods applied by Doranova allow the remediation of contaminated sites in situ and on-site – unnoticeably, safely and cost efficiently.

In addition to technical design and project execution, we also do phase 1 and 2 site surveys, remediation planning and environmental permitting and due diligence procedures. We also care for the operational reliability of the plants and processes we deliver, throughout their lifecycles.

In situ and on-site remediation methods

In situ and on-site methods are suitable for remediating most known contaminants with a single treatment. These novel methods are usually also mode economic compared to traditional soil excavation and replacement. These novel methods can also remediate sites that have been previously considered not feasible with traditional approaches.



Perttu Mattila

Head of Soil Remediation
+358 400 771 981

Mikko Myllymäki

R & D Manager
+358 44 753 0124

  • Risk evaluations
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Site investigations
  • Remediation planning
  • Project management and contracting
  • Equipment deliveries and installations
  • Commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • User training
  • Equipment rental
  • Biological in situ
  • Chemical in situ
  • Air sparging
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Pump & Treat
    • Oil Separators
    • Activate cargon filters

DoAct® CORE is the modular in situ and on-site remediation system platform. Technology innovated in Finland combines a number of different remediation processes, is completely automated and withholds over 20 year of experience in remediation systems design and use.
The CORE functions by injecting liquid substrates to subsurface, which accelerate the degradation of the contaminants of concern. The equipment is designed to remediate contaminates soil and groundwater from small to large sites, and also in dig-and-dump sites for contaminations in the deeper ground layers. Also the treatment of contaminated dig waters can now be conducted safely and effortlessly.

cost-efficient-20pxCost effective

modular-structure-20px Modular structure

scalability-20px Scalable

onsite-20px In situ and on-site

quiet-unnoticeable-20px Quiet and un-noticeable

remote-monitoring-20px Remotely controlled

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