Doranova expands soil remediation activities in China

Finnish environmental technology company Doranova Oy signed a cooperation and licensing agreement with Beijing Xishan Environment Technology Co. for its soil and groundwater remediation solutions in April 2017. Since then Doranova has been actively working in the country to get the first remediation project up to speed.

– Pre-investigation and remediation design processes of the first project site situated in the city of Zhengzhou have now been finalized and the actual site remediation will start in Q3/2017, says Mr. Tuukka Tonteri, Doranova’s Operations Manager in China. – Doranova is now building the modular soil and groundwater remediation unit, DoAct® CORE to be shipped to China in October. At the same time, we will be doing site preparations with our Chinese partner, continues Tonteri.

– The variety of contaminants and their concentrations are way more challenging than what we are used to see here in Finland. – Doranova has accepted the challenge and in the first project we are treating soil that is contaminated by DDT and beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane. Contaminated farm land is a huge challenge for Chinese society and with our first project Doranova aims to show the Chinese environmental officials that there is a cost efficient and innovative solutions available to solve these issues, concludes Tonteri.

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