Doranova introduces the first-ever direct-push technology that fits for all soil types

Doranova aims to start completely new kind of direct-push injections during summer 2018 that will significantly speed up the injection work. The main benefit of DoAct DIRECT method compared to the existing solutions is its excellent suitability for rocky soils.

– DoAct DIRECT method allows Doranova to conduct injections on all possible remediation sites regardless of their soil type. The new technology allows us to do injections to moraine soils and to also go through blasted stone layers that are commonly met on projects that are conducted in urban environment, says Mr. Perttu Mattila, Head of Soil and Ground Water Remediation. – Direct push technology is commonly applied in Northern America and in Central Europe, but so far there has not been an application in where drilling would have been integrated to the injection process. For this reason, direct injections have only been conducted to sandy and clayey soils. So far Scandinavian soil types have limited the amount of direct push projects to couple of pilots, summarizes Mattila.

– The biggest competitive advantage of this new technology is its suitability for challenging soil types. Simple process speeds up the drilling, increases remediation process efficiency and also decreases the remediation cost for the client. – DIRECT method will not replace other in situ technologies, but will rather complete current DoAct® CORE concept, summarizes Mattila.

DoAct DIRECT method is developed together with Finnish mining exploration and soil investigation drilling rig manufacturer, Geomachine Oy. – Geomachine is a leading manufacturer of drilling rigs and therefore cooperation with them has been a natural choice for Doranova, states Antti Myllärinen, CEO of Doranova.

Field tests and research projects will continue for the rest of the year and the actual remediation projects are targeted to start during spring 2018.

For more information, please be in contact with Antti Myllärinen, , +358 40 549 1341


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