From waste deposits to energy sources – Doranova’s landfill gas projects in Vietnam and Zambia will be handed over to clients in early 2018

During the year 2017 Doranova has been building two landfill gas extraction and utilization plants abroad, one in Vietnam and one in Zambia. The larger of these two projects is situated in Vietnam and will produce 1.6 MW of electricity when completed. The smaller pilot-site is situated in the city of Kitwe and on this site, Doranova is also piloting new and more cost-efficient technologies to extract and utilize landfill gasses.

When this newsletter is published, the commissioning of the combined heat and power (CHP) units is on its final leg. For Doranova this project has been the largest project conducted outside Finland and the first one in Vietnam. Despite some challenges caused by the new culture and operating environment, the building project has progressed well and for this reason, the purpose is to host an official opening ceremony of the plant in January 2018, three months earlier than originally agreed.

–  This project has raised a lot of interest among potential Vietnamese clients and Doranova currently has several ongoing negotiations about landfill gas and biogas solution deliveries, concludes Doranova’s head of Renewable Energy, Mr. Mikko Saalasti.

The project in Zambia has been co-financed with Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP).  The target of the project has not only been to pilot a new kind of technological solution for gas extraction, but also to reduce methane emissions produced by the Kitwe landfill. Simultaneously, the extracted methane can be utilized in electricity production. The most hectic phase of the project has been the end of this year, during which the covering of the landfill and the assembly of gas wells, as well as gas lines, has been conducted.

The drilling of Doranova’s new, low-cost gas wells ongoing in Kitwe
The drilling of Doranova’s new, low-cost gas wells ongoing in Kitwe

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