Landfill gas plant to Vietnam

Since early January 2017 Doranova has been constructing a landfill gas plant for a client that is taking care of waste management in the county of Bình Dương, north from Ho Chi Minh City. This plant will utilize harmful methane emissions of the landfill and turn them to electricity and heat. With this investment the client can not only minimize the environmental footprint of the plant but also pay the investment with the electricity production.

Thanks to the modular structure of Doranova’s landfill gas plants, the plant will be taken into use already in December 2017.


Doranovan Vietnamiin toimittaman kaatopaikkakaasulaitoksen rakennustyöt etenevät aikataulussa
Doranova employees and Vietnamise clients on a training camp in Estonia in August 2017.

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