Landfill gas project in Vietnam is proceeding as planned

Construction of the landfill gas plant near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is proceeding as planned and the first CHP units are estimated to be turn on in early December 2017. 

Since early January Doranova has been constructing a landfill gas plant for a client that is taking care of waste management in the county of Bình Dương, north from Ho Chi Minh City. Gas wells were drilled in June and since then the project has continued by building gas transfer lines and supporting infrastructure for CHP units and gas pumping station. CHP’s have already arrived in Vietnam and by the time this newsletter is published, the gas pumping station built into 40-feet container is already travelling somewhere on the Indian Ocean.

– A group of Vietnamize clients conducted a week-long visit to Finland to see Doranova’s previous landfill gas project and to learn more about the technology that they will also be using in a couple of months’ time, tells Mikko Saalasti, a Head of Renewable Energy.

– The group saw landfill gas plants not only in Finland but also in Estonia. Also soil remediation technologies were introduced during the trip, Saalasti summarizes.

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