Vietnam’s landfill gas project completed – gas yielded beyond expectations

The landfill gas extraction and utilization system delivered to Binh Duong Water-Environment Joint Stock Company (BIWASE) was commissioned in January. In Zambia the pilot plant was commissioned in the end of March.

– The landfill gas plant built to Binh Duong, Vietnam was commissioned in January and since then the client has been able to operate engines more than 1,000 hours and to produce 800 MWh of renewable electricity tells Mikko Saalasti, The Head of Renewable Energies.

According to Saalasti, the plant has been operated as planned, and the gas yields are in fact higher than originally estimated. Therefore, BIWASE has already proposed that the extraction system will be expanded together with the landfill.

Doranova will continue business operations in Vietnam and currently there are multiple active projects under development. In addition to landfill gas systems, Doranova also concentrates to develop biogas plant projects in this market area. Especially Hardferm plants are perceived as a high potential solution for Vietnamese waste management clients.

– It is extremely important to utilize the energy and fertilizer value of the organic waste also in areas where source separation of the waste is not applied. The utilization of this waste will eventually make the source separation easier and in this way waste management companies can increase their overall recycling rate, Saalasti summarises.


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